My friend doesn’t have an iPhone so I couldn’t text him from my macbook

I had to watch a 3D movie because I didn’t want to wait for the 2D showtime.

My in flight movie was longer than my flight

I have no place to put my leftovers from dinner because I have too much food in my fridge.

I want to take a shit but the maid is cleaning the bathroom.

I just spent $300 on groceries, opened my fridge and didn’t feel like eating any of it…

The free coffee at work sucks

My 8 year old wants to submit on FWP but left her iPad mini in the van, so now I have to do it.

My girlfriend wants to have sex but I just jerked off 15 minutes ago.

Uggggh! I just got the iPhone 5s and they just announced the release of the 6 next month! Now I have to go back to Verizon and wait in line again #FML

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